Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Who can be a Guide?
A girl aged ten or over can become a Guide.  The oldest Guides are usually about 14 years old, after which they can become a member of the Senior Section.

What do Guides do? 
Guides enjoy themselves! They take part in indoor and outdoor activities that challenge them to do their best! Their meetings are action-packed and full of challenges, games and activities, usually ones that the Guides have suggested themselves.  Guides find their own level and always do their best for themselves, and they always have fun doing it.

1st Groombridge Guides work in small groups called Patrols. A Patrol plans and carries out its own activities with the support of Leaders, so that each Guide has a role in deciding what they do.  Patrol elect their own Patrol Leaders

Like Brownies, Guides also work towards badges. There are badges to cover nearly every interest and activity.  Guides receive a handbook which lists all the badges and what they entail.

What do Guides need?
For the first few meetings nothing is needed to experience the fun of 1st Groombridge Guides.  Girlguilding UK produces a wide range of Guide items from clothing to exciting books and accessories, a Leader will agree when it is best to start wearing the uniform.  More information can be found in the Useful Links section.

What will it cost?
1st Groombridge Guides charge "subs" to cover costs like equipment and hire of meeting places.  These are paid termly.  Additionally there is an annual subscription which is paid to cover the day-to-day running of the Association.  If you pay income tax 1st Groombridge Guides can use Gift Aid to claim 28p for every £1 you give in "subs" or donations, forms are available. 

For more information, or if you would like to join 1st Groombridge Guides please Contact Us


The Guide Promise

I promise that i will do my best:
To love my God,
To serve my queen and my country,
To help other people
To keep the Guide law.